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SUNFLOWERFAMILY sunflower mince organic 76g

SUNFLOWERFAMILY sunflower mince organic 76g
SUNFLOWERFAMILY sunflower mince organic 76g
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Veganistisch alternatief voor gehakt Op basis van zonnebloemproteïne Gemaakt met biologische ingrediënten Snel voorbereid
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Plant-based, high in protein, and really delicious!

You just have to love sunflowers. They are beautiful to look at and in their blaze of color and outstanding size a highlight in any garden. They can also be used to make really tasty things! Sunflower oil and margarine with sunflower oil all know and also sunflower seeds have probably eaten each of us once. But the potential of the yellow beauty is far from exhausted.

Sunflower family has created a fantastic vegan alternative to minced meat from sunflower protein that is not only something to behold but more importantly, something to taste. With their delicious sunflower mince in organic quality, they complement the range of vegan mince alternatives with a pleasantly nutty variant that can be prepared super fast. Because the sunflower mince does not need to soak before preparation. It is quite enough to wet it once with water.

With the SunflowerFamily pure sunflower mince, you can prepare a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. You can season it as you like and use it instead of conventional minced meat for the preparation of e.g. a leek soup, bolognese, casseroles, or burgers.

Quickly made and simply delicious: Treat yourself to a dish with sunflower mince!

Sunflower mince from SunflowerFamily not only tastes good, but it is also particularly quick to prepare. That's why we offer you in our online store not only the pure, unseasoned sunflower mince in the standard package and in a 5-kilo food package but also different variants with a spice mixture, from which you can conjure up a ready-made dish in no time with just a few fresh ingredients: vegan Thai curry, vegan chili or a vegan Bolognese.

Another advantage of sunflower mince is that, as a dry product, it does not need to be refrigerated. This definitely makes it one of those vegan treats that you're best off always having at home in case it makes you crave a quickly made vegetarian or vegan meal.

SunflowerFamily products aren't the only treats made from the gorgeous flower - in our range, for example, you'll also find a delicious spread made from sunflower seeds by Well Well with dried tomatoes and basil.

Sunflower protein*.
(* = certified organic)

Nutrients per 100g:
Energy: 1359kJ/ 323kcal
Fat: 2,2g
of which saturated: 0,5g
Carbohydrates: 11,9g
of which sugar: 5,9g
Protein: 53,8g
Salt: 0g

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